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Baptizer with the Holy Spirit

Series Overview:
A gift all by itself may be valuable, but it is the giver of the gift that makes the gift meaningful. 

The baptism with the Holy Spirit is one of the most valuable and powerful gifts a believer can receive, and it is made all the more meaningful when we remember that Jesus is the giver behind the gift.

Jesus Christ is the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit. He who loved you enough to give His life for you, He who knows you better than you know yourself, He who loves you unconditionally, He who has called you to a place of significance in His Kingdom - this same Jesus is the one who first promised and then poured out the precious Holy Spirit as a gift made available to every believer.

The gift is valuable. The giver of the gift makes the gift all the more meaningful. But only the receiver of the gift can make the gift useful. 

In this series, we will discuss the purpose of being filled with the Holy Spirit, the practice of speaking in tongues, and the presence and power of God made available to every believer.

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