Is it Ok If My Faith Is Under Construction?

Oct 2, 2022    Pastor Dale Jenkins

If you've never questioned your faith, you really should give it a try. (Does that statement make you nervous?) The truth is, if a person is discouraged from asking questions, they are denied the freedom that comes with discovering the truth. Questions are natural, God-given responses to life's complexities. Questions arise when we come of age, or when a loved one dies. Questions arise when we go to college and find that neither our professors nor our peers have any room at all for faith in Jesus. Questions arise when we feel the pain of injustice, or when we are depressed or diagnosed with a terminal disease. Questions arise when our previously held beliefs and traditions are challenged and found wanting. Questions arise when God fails to meet our expectations.

It is not wrong to have questions. It is, however, essential that we are honest in our pursuit for answers. Ultimate answers to the questions of the Christian faith won't be found in an institution or a set of traditions; nor will the perfect model of Christianity be found in any one Christian. If you truly want to know the truth about the Christian faith, it's simple: look to Jesus - He is the initiator, sustainer, and finisher of our faith.