Drive Out the Darkness

Jun 12, 2022    Pastor Dale Jenkins

Courage is a God-given inner fortitude that, when enacted, helps us face fears, overcome adversity, and move forward despite personal pain, relational disappointment, and spiritual resistance. Courage is not the absence of angst but the willingness to break through it with God’s strength and peace.

When God said to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous,” it was more than a casual encouragement, it was an authoritative command. Joshua would face real enemies, fight in real battles, and would need to exercise real courage in order to lay hold of God’s promises.

There are various forms of adversity - inward and outward - that stand between you and your divine destiny. You will need courage in order to overcome, and God can give you all the courage you need! Still, you must choose, today and every day, to be strong and courageous!

God had made a covenant with Abraham (refer to series, The Covenant of Abraham).
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel - Egypt, slavery/bondage, Moses (refer to serious, The Exodus)
We pick up in Joshua 1 after Moses’ death. Joshua is now in command. Moses had led the people OUT of bondage; Joshua was to lead them IN to the promised land.