A Repentant Church

Nov 13, 2022    Pastor Dale Jenkins

Exiled to an Island called Patmos, the Apostle John received a series of visions from Jesus. He meticulously put in writing what had been revealed to him and sent The Revelation to seven city-churches in Asia (modern day Turkey) which were under his pastoral and apostolic care. These churches - and all believers in Christ - were under extreme persecution. John’s letter was a prophetic word from Jesus Himself to encourage, strengthen, instruct, and give hope to these believers, calling them to remain faithful. We are living in what the Scriptures refer to as The Last Days, and the Church has a vital role to play. Our identity and assignment come from Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, who has called us to be: (1) the Body of Christ, continuing the ministry of Jesus as His hands, His voice, and His feet, fulfilling His Great Commission, (2) the Army of God, engaging spiritual warfare and resisting the forces of darkness, (3) the Family of God, expressing in word and deed the love of the Father to all people everywhere, and (4) the Bride of Christ, eagerly anticipating His return for us to be forever with Him. Eternity is at stake. When believers misunderstand their role and become derelict in their divine assignment, the Church can devolve into a place where people experience hurt instead of healing, judgement instead of hope, and confusion instead of clarity. Jesus calls us to repent and recalibrate, so we can be who He has called us to be - His Last Days Church.