Power to Transform

Feb 5, 2023    Pastor Dale Jenkins

Is Jesus really God? No one disputes that Jesus of Nazareth was an actual, historical person. Even the harshest critics concede that Jesus captivated crowds with His teachings, exposed prideful legalism as if He had great authority, performed miracles and healings, and lived an exemplary life. No one argues against those things. His humanity was not the issue; it was His claim to deity that stoked the fires of persecution and served as the impetus that led to His crucifixion.

Jesus boldly and repeatedly professed to be the divine Son of God. And His claims were not in word only - after all, talk is cheap. Jesus put on a powerful and compelling display of signs and wonders that proved His words to be true. The Apostle John selected seven of these signs to be included in his Gospel account so that people would “believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God and that by believing in Him, they would have life by the power of His name.”

I have good news: There is still power in the name of Jesus Christ!